Zoos Use New Review System: Results are Hilarious ⋆

Zoos Use New Review System: Results are Hilarious

When we go to the zoo, we often find that the most common noise you hear is people going “Awwww!” – it’s part of the experience.

However, for some time now, zoos have started to add a new part of the experience to their own experience. For one, the explosion of the #rentaspecies hashtag caused major comedy and consternation when it first broke. Some of the comical tweets about this story make it easy for us to appreciate the charm and humor that people have.

You know how it is when you go on Amazon and see people leave hilarious reviews?

Well, it’s like that, but for animals in the zoo.

The first one that we saw came from ABC Wildlife Park, where they rated a little pair of creatures as 5/5, saying that it ‘comes with spare included’ in reference to the mischievous little one just popping his/her head into the photo from down below.

Happy Customers

Another one that we noticed with some hilarity was the introduction of the A+ rating on a lion. It came from the LA Zoo, and they rated their lion as 4 stars, or A+. They noted that he is an ‘excellent sleeper, perfectly content to sleep for 20+ hours a day. Best to avoid during waking hours.’

It’s this kind of comical charm that has led to many people jumping in and enjoying the grandeur and comedy of this particular social media game.

Not so Happy…

One we did that brought a few laughs, too, was from an ‘angry’ customer, Tyger. He claims that: “I ordered a duck, otter, and beaver bundle apparently there was some kind of freak accident in shipping or something. Contacted shipper, they claim no error. Bad seller. NEVER BUYING AGAIN!”

If you were to receive a response like that on Amazon, you want to close down your merchant account and start all over again!

Great humour, though, and it’s these kind of comical factors that make it easy for you to really engage with the creatures. Many of the posts are very much tongue-in-cheek and has helped to raise awareness for some of the most creative and comical zoos.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium got involved, too, when they posted an awesome photo of an octopus, captioning it with: “love that it fits any space. adjustable color to match your mood/location. extremely grippy base. ink included, but stylus sold separate if you need that go with the squid sizes. note: don’t pair with another or they stop working #rateaspecies”

It’s this kind of comic ingenuity that makes this kind of experience so wonderfully enjoyable. If you’ve seen any #rateaspecies posts that you want us to talk about, send them to us and we’ll be sure to raise awareness for the best, brightest and most creative posts!


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