Your Personality Determines How Attractive Are You ⋆

Your Personality Determines How Attractive Are You

In life, we often wonder what it is that the person we’d love to be with would really find attractive. Instead of being ourselves, we try and add or remove certain traits to try and be more of ‘a fit’ for this particular person. It’s nonsense, right?

However, a new study that has come out believes that there are some key and common personality traits that determine, well, how much sex you get. If you are one of those people always proclaiming you are ‘a nice guy’, you might want to read on.

According to the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, a study that involved over 4,500 people (3,000 males, 1,500 females) was conducted. The research was to look at five key personality traits that people might have and were determined to be: extraversion, neuroticism, open-mindedness, agreeableness and conscientiousness. Those who took part in the study were given the five categories as they tend to be seen as particularly broad categories that most people could fit into at least once.

According to co-author Dr. Stephen Whyte, the idea was this: “Throughout history, competitive advantages have helped men and women achieve increased success in their occupation, sport, artistic endeavors, their ability to acquire and secure resources, and ultimately, their survival,

“However, little is known about the advantages, or disadvantages, personality traits provide in relation to sexual activity and offspring success.”

What did the study show?

The findings were pretty impressive, actually. Men are much more reliant on having personality factors that match-up when it comes to the frequency of their sexual activity – as well as their chances of having kids. Men who were likely to be more extroverted but less agreeable were likely to have sex on a more regular basis.

However, for women, it appears that extroversion was the main deciding factor in how often they had sex. Everything else remained relatively static. We can, uh, make of that what we will. Dr. Whyte, though, summed it up well when he said: “Our findings suggest that the greater variance in male traits and their particular combinations may provide an advantage for them when it comes to sex and reproduction but that doesn’t appear to be the case for the women we analyzed,”

Given that we all go through changes in our personality in life, it might not shock you then that at a different phase in your life you maybe have more success with the opposite/same sex. However, from earning more money to being a bit more out-there – or less agreeable – there are numerous reasons why you might have had more or less success at one stage in life. According to this study, it’s just how it works!

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