Young Girl Apologizes for Taking a Rock ⋆

Young Girl Apologizes for Taking a Rock

After a young girl took a rock from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, she realized she should not have taken it so she sent an apology to the Park’s Rangers then returned the rock and gave them a donation. In her letter, she told them she just loved the rock and wanted a souvenir to take home.

They sent a letter back to her thanking her for returning the rock where it was then returned to Tom Branch Falls.  They were very pleased she enjoyed her visit and told her she was a wonderful steward for the park.

They praised her honesty for realizing she should not have taken the rock but then did the right thing by returning it.  They explained to her if everyone took a rock home millions of rocks would disappear from the park every year.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The park rangers let her know that these rock in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are homes for literally hundreds of creatures such as salamanders.  Leaving rocks where they belong will protect their homes as well as add a lot of beauty to the park.

They believed she understood that leaving nature the way she found it made her an excellent ambassador for passing the word on to others.

Along with the letter, she sent a drawing of the rock being held up with the Tom Branch Falls in the background. She told them she was sorry and wanted to return the rock and she also enclosed a donation!

Rangers were really impressed with this young girl for requesting to return the rock and that’s when they wrote back to her. They also added a comment on their Facebook page saying they hoped she enjoyed her visit.

They added that she is an amazing representative for the park and thanked her for recognizing that what’s in the park should stay in the park.

Her letter was received with open arms by many viewers on Facebook leaving positive comments that she was an extraordinary young girl who should consider one day being a park ranger. Many praised her parents for the values they instilled in their daughter.

It really is very refreshing that there are still parents who teach their children values when their other parents who just don’t bother.  Her parents taught her the importance of leaving things that are not yours alone.  Many others commented on the rangers taking the time to write back to her.

One comment in the letter sent to her said there are millions of grownups who could learn a lesson from you!

I hope this will wake up parents who let the children do whatever they please and never point out what they are doing is wrong.  Too many children in this day and age are missing out on what true values are really about.