Young Girl with Robotic Arm Takes MLB Pitch

When the baseball season kicks off, sports fans around the USA know that they are in for a treat. This amazing sport gives everyone the chance to enjoy a new season of sporting excitement across the board. One of the best parts of the season is getting to see all of the famous people who get a chance to take the first pitch – and it’s a bit of a major ceremonial event within Major League Baseball.

For young Hailey Dawson, her life has been a challenge. She does not have a fully formed right hand. Naturally, this would make pitching a baseball pretty damn tough for her. However, the Houston Astros decided that young Hailey shouldn’t be held back by anything and gave her the chance to come out and take the first pitch with her new artificial hand.

An Impressive Aim

Her aim now is quite simple – to take the first pitch at every MLB ground in the country. So far, she’s pitched for the Astros as well as the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals. It’s a fantastic little story, and one that show that thanks to technology we can help amazing people experience life-changing events that will leave them with a lasting smile on their face for years to come.

Born with Poland syndrome her hand did not develop quite enough when she was born, with just a pinky and a thumb on her hand. However, despite that, she’s a massive MLB fan and always wanted to be part of the sport. Now, using a 3D-printed robotic hand, she can throw a baseball with accuracy and do many other interesting activities.

Speaking about seeing Hailey overcome adversity in such an awesome manner, the MLB commissioner was very proud, saying: “She’s really a terrific young lady. It’s an honor for Major League Baseball to have her here to throw out the first pitch. It’s an amazing scientific and medical accomplishment.”

After the event and the wonderful positivity that this created, the offers began to start flooding in for her to showcase her new-found skills at more grounds. So far, 17 MLB teams have been in touch with Hailey to see if she would like to take the throw for them.

Indeed, local, college and minor league baseball teams are now wanting her to come down – it looks like little Hailey might just have carved out a rather spectacular niche for herself along the way!

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