You Can Still Make It! Look At These Late Blooming Stars ⋆

You Can Still Make It! Look At These Late Blooming Stars

In life, it’s easy to see all these young sensations breaking through in every industry. Media, music, acting, sport, whatever. It makes us feel so old without even meaning to. However, it’s easy to look at those celebrities who cracked it before the same age you first had a drop of booze and feel down. Instead of comparing yourself to the pre-20 millionaires, why not look at some of these late bloomers for inspiration instead?

Not everyone makes it big before they become a ‘proper’ adult. Take the following people for example…

Alan Rickman

The dearly departed Alan Rickman is among the most well-known actors of his generation. However, he was in his 30s before many of us got to “meet” him on the big screen. Arguably his major role was as Hans Gruber in Die Hard, but did you know he was 42 then!?

He was comfortably older when a younger again audience met him in Harry Potter many times. So, if you ever wonder how he managed to make it big, it wasn’t from being a childhood star – that’s for sure!

Melissa McCarthy

Gilmore Girls star Melissa McCarthy is an inspiration to many, not least for the fact she was 30 when she took on Sookie St. James in the hit TV show. A far cry from a bright young star who burns out just as fast, McCarthy is still a fantastic fixture in entertainment today – and likely will be for many years to come. From Mike & Molly to starring roles in Tammy, she’s managed to cram a lot in a career that only “truly” got going with her casting in the aforementioned Gilmore Girls.

Ty Burrell

Similarly, many of us never got to truly know Modern Family star Ty Burrell until he took on the role of Phil Dunphy. He was 42 at that point, giving you a pretty good example of how some of our most beloved stars aren’t so fresh-faced when we get to know them.

However, given he’s been a major part of a show that has won over 20 Emmys, we’ll probably say that the success was pretty worth the wait.

Bryan Cranston

While everyone thought they’d “seen him early” in Malcolm in the Middle while everyone went mental over Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston was an actual dad age at that point: 44!

Since then, he’s managed to cram in so much, with the likes of 30 Rock and How I Met Your Mother alongside, obviously, the big one. A definite icon for anyone who thinks they might have left it a bit late to make it.

Now, it’s not like all of these stars just decide to wake up one day before their starring roles and make it big. It does, though, show that perseverance in the role that you really wish to hold is so important. Simply giving up because you are ‘past it’ or ‘too old’ should never be an option!

Keep that in mind: it changes everything for you if you stop thinking that anything over 30 is too old to make it big.

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