You Are Poisoning Your Kids With Essential Oils ⋆

You Are Poisoning Your Kids With Essential Oils

It is high time we had a rethink about our ancient belief that essential oils, being direct from nature, can do our kids no harm. While there are some natural products that are totally harmless, it would be extremely erroneous to assume so of all essential oils.

Truthfully, treating some health conditions with natural remedies have proven effective to a very large extent. However, it has been reported by Tennessee poison center that using essential oils as medication can easily poison a child. According to the center, it is often times accidental, either by wrong dosage or passage through the mouth(ingestion).

Also, the number of toxic exposures to oils mostly used for medications doubled between 2011 and 2015. It’s not hard to understand how natural substances could be poisonous. Dr. Justin Loden explains that every essential oil could be somewhat harmful as “the dose makes the poison”.

The specialist, who works at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Tennessee Poison Centre precisely, also said that poisoning occurs in children when they try to swallow the oil, but in the process, get choked. This choking leads to bits of the oil going into the lungs thereby causing pneumonia.

Just One Spoon

It literally takes very little for this to occur (say a spoon or half). While it is imperative for guardians to know the poisoning applies to every essential oil, they must be especially careful with clove, lavender, tea-tree, camphor, thyme and so on. As earlier stated, the right dosage is about the most important thing in taking medications.

In addition, the nice smell of these oils might tempt one to eat them but really are extremely dangerous for the kids. Dr. Loden further stated that the thin skin of children is able to absorb oil easily compared to adults.

Essential oil poisoning or overdose doesn’t come without its own symptoms. The symptoms, part of which include hallucinations, agitations, liver failures, and seizures vary in severity according to different essential oils.

Good news is, if you suspect your child might have had essential oil poisoning or needs any help whatsoever as regards this subject matter, there’s a hotline at your service. Put a call through to 1-800-222-1222. The line leads directly to Poison Control and rest assured you’ll be attended to in no time.