Wow: Dad Builds a Star Wars Bedroom for his Son ⋆

Wow: Dad Builds a Star Wars Bedroom for his Son

We come across parental love in many situations. Our parents do everything they can to keep us happy and fulfill our dreams. They go through hardships to make things favorable for us. A Reddit user named Dericrw wanted his son to sleep in his own bed so he did something for his son (and for himself of course) that only a creative and loving mind could think off.

He built a Millennium Falcon-themed bedroom for his son who is a Star Wars fan. The young boy will now be able to sleep in a bedroom full off fantasies. This is like a dream come true for him. Let’s have a look at how the room looks like.


Here is how the bed is transformed into Han Solo’s famous spaceship. It has beautifully designed stairs to climb up to the bed. It’s like actually sleeping in a real spaceship.

The bluish light inside gives a cool space-like look inside the spaceship. One can easily relax on the bed while dreaming of defeating the empire.

The room is beautifully designed with lights and special wall covers, and as any fighter, it also has a hidden space gun rack.

The lights also change their color at night to ease the kid’s sleep.

Here we can see the lucky kid and his dad. We suppose dad comes over a lot to this room to “talk” to his son. and play.

We salute to the creativity of the father. And we hope there are so many more inventive minds out there who can show their talent just like him.


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