Wow: Ariana Grande Stole The Show at the Met Gala ⋆

Wow: Ariana Grande Stole The Show at the Met Gala

For some time now, the Met Gala has been one of the biggest homes for amazing and outrageous attire. Every year, someone turns up looking like something from a post-apocalyptic, dystopian sci-fi future. This year, though Ariana Grande has went a touch further and literally turned up in a dress that looks like it comes from the Sistine Chapel.

As one of the most outrageously exclusive events around, its’ the perfect time for the rich and the famous to show off some rather tremendous attire. Since it helps to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’ Costume Institute in New York, it’s actually a pretty good cause.

Ever since the Gala itself started in 1971, it has gradually grown to become ever-more important and vital to the fashion calendar. This year, as you might have heard, the theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” which went down an absolute treat with some, less so with others.

Grande, though, probably stole the show with what is basically a piece of the Sistine Chapel made into a dress. Rihanna has often been one of the big winners for Met Gala glory, but this year it looks like she might miss out on her perpetual crown to the absolutely maddening charm of Grande’ dress.

Based on Michelangelo’ “The Last Judgement”, this stunning dress takes a part of the famous Sistine Chapel ceiling painting and turns it into a tremendous dress style. It was designed by none other than Vera Wang, who has become a major name in the industry for making truly amazing dress styles.

Ariana Grande herself confirmed that it is indeed based on the famous painting itself, saying: “[It is in] the Sistine Chapel back wall by Michelangelo. It is The Last Judgement. This is the painting I am wearing. I am so excited about my dress. I just love it!”

Of course, it comes complete with her usual bow attached to the head. She’s famous for having that bow on the head, so would it really have been a costume of hers if she never turned up without it?

There was all manner of crazy dress styles at the 2018 Met Gala, from Rihanna turning up with what can only be described as a Pope outfit, based on the Holy Father’ own papal garbs. Hard to pick from between the pair of their dresses, but we’re going to have to give it to Grande this year.

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