A World Record! A 24-Year-old Frozen Embryo was Born ⋆

A World Record! A 24-Year-old Frozen Embryo was Born

Tina and Benjamin Gibson are a very optimistic and hopeful couple. They knew it was hard for them to have a baby naturally, due to Benjamin Gibson’s disease, cystic fibrosis, but they never quit trying. Benjamin’s disease made him infertile.

Obviously, they wished to have at least one child. So, this anticipative and optimistic East Tennessee couple decided to adopt a baby eventually and raise them as their own.

As it is said;  “You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.”

Well, same happened with Tina and Benjamin. Just last year, in 2016, Tina’s father told her about the embryo adoption possibility, which is far way better than adopting someone’s child. Having a baby grow inside you, even when you have no idea that it can actually happen, is not less than a miracle, right? Well, as soon as Tina found out about this option, she submitted an application.

She was experiencing a blend of different emotions. She was excited, overwhelmed, confident and obviously extremely happy. After the submission of the application in August 2016, she got the great news by spring, the next year. In that spring, she had three embryos, all from the same anonymous donor, which were, without any delay, transferred and implanted into her.

After long years of waiting, they finally began the process. The doctors implanted the embryos and just after a few days, it was confirmed that Tina was finally pregnant. On November 25th, Tina gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she named Emma Wren Gibson.

Tina completely believes this is a miracle and not just science. The National Embryo Donation Centre in Knoxville, who helped Tina and Benjamin have their own child, said that Emma holds a record for the longest frozen embryo which actually came to birth.

The embryo was said to be frozen on October 14th, 1992 and was implanted and finally came to life 24 years later. Isn’t it amazing? The miraculous life of this baby girl truly stunned the world. A 24-year old thawed embryo finally became a special part of someone’s life.

The couple was really happy and a little bit surprised as well of how an embryo preserved for such a long time actually came to life. This astonishing news certainly shocked the world, but in a good way.

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