The World is Outraged at This Man For What He Did ⋆

The World is Outraged at This Man For What He Did

Many Italians are furious at a fellow Italian man who took a selfie while emergency teams saved a life of a Canadian woman who injured herself seriously. On May 26, the 83-year-old woman exited her train from the wrong side, probably due to a door malfunction. She was hit by a passing train and fell off. She injured her leg so seriously that in the hospital it needed to be amputated.

Giorgio A. Lambri / Libertà di Piacenza

The shocking incident took place at Piacenza station, just outside Milan. The woman’s identity and other information aren’t being shared of course, but this accident hit the news in Italy not because of the injury, but because of the selfie.

The picture you see was taken by Italian journalist Giorgio A. Lambri, and it clearly shows the Italian man aiming his smartphone in the selfie position, with the injured woman in the background. The man was doing a V symbol with his fingers.

Lambri said police officers on the scene ordered the guy to delete the selfie photo from his phone.

Local news outlets were outraged. One headline said “The barbarism you don’t expect: the selfie in front of the tragedy.” Another called it a “cancer that corrodes the internet,” and radio host Nicola Savino said on his radio program that this shows that the human race is “galloping towards extinction.”

The last time the world was outraged was in 2014 when a young girl posted a smiling (too much smiling) selfie in front of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.
Last year a sign was actually needed on site, asking people to stop taking selfies during the Grenfell Tower fire in London, where 79 people died.