Working From Home Dad: The Ups and the Downs ⋆

Working From Home Dad: The Ups and the Downs

I’m a dad who works at home. I know many people think this is the ideal situation for parents. I’m not going to lie; this is the best life I’ve ever known. I wouldn’t change anything at all. But, working at home isn’t as easy as you may think it is.

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I have deadlines I have to meet, and my daughter doesn’t realize any of that. I primarily make my income writing articles like the one you’re reading right now. Every day I sit in front of the computer and write.

It has to be in your blood to become an online content producer. There are other ways to make money online, and quite a few of them pay better than writing. For me, writing has always come naturally. I’ve been writing since I was a child and I can’t think of anything else that I’d ever want to do.

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of working at home. Let’s kick it all off with the advantages.

You have no set work schedule

If you’re a freelancer, then your deadlines will dictate your work schedule. You make up your own deadlines unless a client has something they need to be done right away. I do have clients who tell me they need their work done quickly.

I do my best to accommodate them if the pay is right. It’s all about money in the end as I have plenty of bills to pay. If the client is willing to pay a reasonable price, then I’m more than happy to prioritize their work.

Otherwise, I tell clients they have to wait a week for their work to be completed. My regulars don’t mind because they plan for their content deliveries.

You’re allowed to take breaks whenever you want

I’ve worked jobs in the past where I never got a break. Sometimes it was impossible to go to the bathroom. You don’t have any of that worry when you work at home.

You choose when you eat lunch and all that stuff. All that matters is that your work is completed. Some people want to pay by the hour or situations similar to that. I avoid those at all costs as it makes working at home pointless.

You can work when you’re baby is sleeping

You probably don’t run into the problem of not knowing what to do while you’re baby is sleeping. It’s the only time you have to take a break from the hectic pace of parenthood. But, if you’re the type who loves to stay busy, then it’s possible to work while your baby sleeps.

Maybe you only want to work an hour or two per day, and that’s it. You can do that while your baby naps during the day. Working only an hour or two per day would put some spending cash in your pocket. You won’t get rich, but having your own money is always nice.

Now let’s talk about the cons of working at home:

You have to work a lot

I typically work seven days a week. Sometimes I take a few hours off to do things. But I’m behind the computer every day. If I’m not at the computer, then I have a smartphone that I use to talk to my clients.

Sometimes I feel like I’m babysitting my clients more than my child. It’s vital that you’re able to be reached as clients will go elsewhere if they think that you’re not capable of meeting their demands.

Sometimes the pay isn’t so great

The amount of money you are paid per job isn’t reflected in your rates. That doesn’t make sense. Does it? Well, not all jobs are created equal. This article, for example, was pretty easy to write. I sometimes have to write about things I know nothing about.

I get paid the same to write those articles as I did this one. I have to do quite a bit of research to write about unfamiliar things. I’m not earing anything while I’m doing research. That’s the part that really sucks.

These days I try to avoid writing about anything that requires more than a few minutes of research. I’ve got plenty of clients, and I don’t need the money so bad that I have to bust my tail for next to nothing.

Life gets in the way of your work

Let’s say your spouse or their parents are watching the baby. Sometimes they’ve got to take a break to eat something or to go to the bathroom. They don’t understand that you’re in deep thought and typing a mile a minute.

They barge in and disrupt your train of thought. Sometimes it’s very difficult to go right back to where you left off. I’ve seen times where I had to reread the entire article and wait for a few minutes to get my groove back.

Writing isn’t the only way to make money at home

I know many of you have other skills that you can make money off. I only spoke about writing because that’s what I’m the most familiar with. I also do some SEO and have operated my own sites in the past.

If you can go the route of having your own site or blog, that would be best. But, quite a few of you will have to start freelancing and work your way up from there. There are costs associated with running a blog and you may need to freelance to be able to pay for those costs until the money starts to roll in.

Working at home isn’t easy

The main point I’d like to get across is that working at home isn’t easy. Most people fail because they think it’s going to be like hanging out on Facebook. It’s nothing like that at all. You will work harder at home than at a regular job.

The benefit of working at home is that you’re close to your child and family. You can take off a half-hour early and cook supper. You will earn every penny that you make working online. It’s a tough way to earn a living, but it’s rewarding at the same time.