"Woofy Birthday to you!" Dog Has Great Birthday With Friends ⋆

“Woofy Birthday to you!” Dog Has Great Birthday With Friends

When our birthdays come around, we can all be forgiven for feeling a tiny touch egotistical. The big day sees us surrounded by our most beloved family and friends as we work together in harmony and togetherness. However, part of the experience stems from being able to spend it around those who are there for us every day, as they get to see us at our happiest.

When Niamh Beaton decided to throw a party for her dog, Nico, she wasn’t sure where to start. The Erskine-based family wanted to make Nico’ first birthday special but were unsure of what to do. So, they turned to Pawzinga Doggy Daycare: and brought along all of its friends to join in on the fun.

The pictures are pretty marvelous and shows the delightful dog having the time of his life surrounded by all of the dogs who he loves so much. A family is everything, even to a pet, and this can make the pet feel so much happier when they get to spend time with you in this manner. While they don’t really ‘get ‘the process, the dog will know that everyone is having a good time and thus will be able to relax and have fun themselves!

A massive part of the Beaton family, young Nico joined up with the family at just 12-weeks old. Since then, he’s been a proud Beaton and loves living at home with his family. As the ‘baby’ of the house, he’s the one who gets all the love and care – including the awesome birthday party!

Speaking to UNILAD about the event, Niamh herself said: “It was quality! The outside area is great for dogs. We would obviously want to throw one again, and Nico’s favorite part was obviously the cake. Delicious bacon, chicken, and ham!”

It’s always nice to see a pet having a good time, and this one seems to be the perfect example of a dog having a tremendous time. If you want to help your pet have a brilliant birthday party, then you may wish to consider going along with some of the ideas put forward by the Beaton’s!

Need more dog’s birthday, check this cute video below of Sebastian’s 7th birthday surrounded by his family:

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