Woman Loses 300 Pounds, Shows Difference in Same Outfits ⋆

Woman Loses 300 Pounds, Shows Difference in Same Outfits

For anyone on a weight loss journey, you’ll soon realize how hard it is to keep things in check. When you spend a lot of time looking after your body, the first problem that you often come across is that old habits die hard. One problem that we often have is getting rid of our old clothes; they might be clothing that keeps you overweight, but if you love it so it can be hard to give up.


This is why, broadly, the story of Lexi Reed is so wonderfully inspiration. I’ll admit that I’m having issues of my own with weight gain, and her story inspired me to kick my own ass into gear and do something about it. For two years, the Indiana resident has been keeping an Instagram page called @fatgirlfedup, and it chronicles her journey to exceptional weight loss.

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In just two years of dieting and exercising, she has got rid of a barely believable 300 pounds. In some of her old photos, she’s even posing with some of her old clothes; the perfect motivation to let you see that those old clothes do need to go!

A Truly Special Story

Alongside husband Danny, who has lost the best part of 100 pounds himself, the two have chronicled their journey together. According to their IG account, the inspiration came from the two deciding to “set a New Year’s Resolution that we had no idea would change our lives. Together we are proof that with hard work we can all take back our lives! Don’t wait for a new year, week, or month – start today!”

With over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, too, she’s become a bit of a media personality through her incredibly inspiring story. From helping her fans and those who are in need to find some inspiration to detailing her journey, the Reed’ have become a major source of inspiration.

It even got me to make a bit more of a decision on my won. I started to work hard(er) to get myself into shape, and to leave behind the negative consequences of doing what I do for a living. I ditched the junk food, left the fizzy juice behind and got rid of my propensity to have ‘cheat weeks’ all the while adding in a solid hours’ of exercise a day.


It’s helped me to come to a long way and I’m quite comfortable saying I’d never be anywhere near this without people like Lexi. I’ve never met nor spoke to her, but her story is stupidly inspiring.

It’s a truly special story, and one I recommend sharing with anyone in your life who feels like they need to do some extra work to get into a shape they will be happy with.

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