Woman Awakes From Coma to Hear Incredible News ⋆

Woman Awakes From Coma to Hear Incredible News

When we undergo a major incident, there’s always the chance that we could be put into a coma. From medical issues essentially shutting the body down to physical impact forcing us into a coma, it can happen for many reasons. The person in the coma lies there motionless for a long time unable to ever really get their true selves back after all that time. In the movies, this is usually the point that flies by in say, 10-15 minutes of screen time. For real-life families suffering from a comatose loved one, though, the problem is much more significant.

When Gemma Holmes crashed her moped into a parked car, she was majorly injured. Indeed, she was put in a situation where, in truth, her future looked bleak. The injuries were much more severe than someone would expect from a moped crash.

Gemma had to undergo major surgery, but during the surgery, the doctors came across a rather challenging blockage. This stopped the surgery in its tracks, but what was seen as an obstacle turned out to be the path to save her life.

Indeed, Gemma should have died. When she smacked into that car, it sent her propelling into a street lamp. The impact was so severe that her back and neck were both snapped and broken. She should be dead by all accounts. So, what was the little thing that was found when the doctors were going to surgically assist her and try to repair her body?

Gemma was four months pregnant!

The situation, though, was rather bleak. To have the surgery needed to save her life, they would need to terminate the baby. As Gemma was in a coma, though, they couldn’t get her to consent to the termination. Calling her mother, Judie, they let her know what was happening. They could either terminate the fetus and perform the surgery, or wait and see while the fetus grew.

Amazingly, Gemma awoke in October – her crash happened in September – and they could allow her to make the decision herself. Amazingly, even Gemma didn’t know she was pregnant, or many other things – her memory was wrecked, with three years of her life missing. This meant that even the father of the baby was unknown!

Without surgery, she’d be unable to take proper recovery measures and the pregnancy would put her in a very problematic situation. Eventually, Gemma decided to go through the pain and the strain of recovery and keep the baby.

“I just thought that if this little baby had managed to survive the awful crash,” Gemma said.

Sadly, she was informed that live contractions would likely kill her as it would make her spine and brain go through the pressure they couldn’t cope with in their present situation. If she was to have the baby, it would be through C-section.

She gave birth on May 2nd, 2013.

“I couldn’t stop crying when they first showed him to me,” she said, “because he’s my little miracle baby. I was just so happy to see him after everything we’ve been through.” Gemma exclaimed.

She named him Ruben Miracle, as the perfect summary of all the little man had been through.

During breastfeeding, a wheelchair-bound Gemma looked after him, still unable to go through surgery, meaning she couldn’t walk. Months passed without proper treatment and thus her spine healed in the wrong way; it now had to be broken again by the doctors and then plated. After that, it would take a whopping two years until Gemma might be able to walk again.

We hope that Gemma can make a full recovery and that she and young Rubin can enjoy a wonderful life together full of happiness, joy and a relative lack of excitement compared to the wild way they were brought together!