This is Exactly Why You Should Drink Red Wine

For most, drinking red wine has become a late night hobby to wind down after a long day with the children. Clearly, the glass of vino is way more helpful for most than a late night Advil PM downed with a cup of decaf coffee or tea. What most people don’t know, however, is that besides the leisure and pleasure of this delicious drink, there are many health benefits that most have not even known while enjoying this delicious beverage. We present to you five interesting facts about how healthy and even important a glass of red wine is a night.


1. A glass a day keeps the doctor away

It is scientifically proven that red wine can help lower your cholesterol due to its many included anti-oxidants. On top of that, these antioxidants help the oxygen flow more easily in your bloodstream. Without even knowing, you have been helping your heart the natural way by means outside of taking pills and medication to lower your cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Talk about a great piece of information right?!


2.Keeps the blood sugar in check

If anyone is diabetic and in need of an added extra beyond the insulin needles, try this glass of wine a night remedy. The skin of the grapes is known to have a key chemical compound called resveratrol which can help keep the blood flowing in your system as well as help to stimulate the secretion of insulin, something that is very vital to diabetic health.

3.Become a Slim Jim

This is an even better fact, probably one of the best for those who are dieting and looking to slim down. As we know already, red wine contains the compound of resveratrol that assists with blood sugar. There is another chemical compound in wine and it is called piceattanol, a compound that converts the resverateol in our bodies. Apparently, this chemical compound blocks the pathway for itty bitty fat cells to grow and mature into our weight. It could be easily said that this is a great fact for those looking to shy away from processed diet pills and foods.


4. Brainpower!

Once again, our friendly favorite chemical resveratrol can be a game changer not just for blood sugar and slimming down, but also a key component for brain health. The most important combination is to do certain crossword puzzles, according to neurological experts, and down the end of it with one glass of wine. Talk about becoming a smartie from a tarty drink!

5. Prevent cancer and enhance your longevity

According to another study, Resvatrol is a key factor in the glass of red wine that fights off and starves cancerous cells in our body. Of course, we have to take into account our lifestyle and health otherwise, but this fact is amazing. One glass a day keeps the cancer away!


And there you have it folks, the five key health aspects of red wine. Remember not to overdue it of course, but enjoy that glass of wine because your mind, body, and spirit deserves it after all that daily hard work. Happy drinking! ,

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