You Will Not Believe What One Restaurant Owner Is Doing to Help the Poor

We all know that the homeless are very unfortunate, and even more so starving at the hands of having no income or a roof over their head. Many go through such excrutiating pain to get a simple meal and a couple of coins for a snack. There are tons of restaurants with a ‘no soliciting’ policy, thus making it harder for customers to help out the ones in need. One restaurant, however, decided to stand out in the crowd and do something special for the poor and needy: Give away free meals and a place to sit with the same dignity and respect as other people.


In the city of Montreal, Quebec, the eatery Marche Ferdous has decided to be kind and open. Many homeless people have come to the restaurant to enjoy a free meal. The restaurant’s owner, Yahya Hashemi can be quoted saying a few words about what they’re doing.

We do not ask any questions, we do not judge people. We don’t think about how much it will cost us”.

Hashemi also stated that his Muslim faith is a huge part of the inspiration, as in the texts of the Quran, it is said to give help the hungry and poor of society. Hashemi is an immigrant from Iran, and he had also said that he believes it is important to spread human kindness, something that he could never leave behind when staying true to his religious roots. Overall, his kindness has exceeded beyond the expectations of what our society could do. Hashemi is one of the many Muslims in the Montreal community that are following in his footsteps, in order to show the kindness and good heart behind Muslims, thus countering Islamophobia. Of course, that isn’t the purpose of these deeds, but its merely the inspiration behind why he is giving away food for those in need. Talk about a good heart on a man and his team!


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