Why Traveling is a Greater Gift than a Birthday Party! ⋆

Why Traveling is a Greater Gift than a Birthday Party!

As a parent, we want to give our children the best life including a safe and stable home, a great education, a lot of love and warmth in their world, and pray they will have a very successful future.

The other side of the coin, when it comes to birthday parties, gifts, and other special celebrations can become pretty excessive and expensive.  Let’s not forget the Christmas tree, and mounds of presents, at some point, it becomes just way too much and loses the spirit that was intended.

One mother shared her story about her 10-year-old sons’ birthdays.  She and her husband wanted to do something different to celebrate their birthdays instead of a typical birthday party, by giving the gift of a special life experience.

They felt that providing their children with unique experiences would stay with them forever and build stronger relationships between all of them.

So Much Better Than a Party

She and her husband talked celebrating their birthdays in a unique and special way. Giving their children something really special would open their eyes to new things instead of purchasing a bunch of presents that, at some point, would probably be forgotten over time.  Offering new experiences will always be with them forever.

They decided to give their children two different surprise trips.  The kids would not know which birthday would be chosen, where they would go, or which parent would go with them.  It’s called a one-on-one birthday surprise.  Also, they will not find out about this trip until the very moment they walk out the door.

One son had talked about going to New York City his entire life so she decided to take him there, just the two of them together.  He was going to see and experience all the things he had talked about once he got the opportunity to visit the city.

He would get to see a Broadway show, go to a live NY Knicks game, ice skate in Central Park, ride in a taxi, and explore the city. So, when they visited the city, they did all of those things and so much more.

When their other son turned 10, he and his father visited Miami.  He had no idea about the trip which was very different from his brother’s trip.  This son loves animals and is always reading about animals and sharing what he had learned to anyone who would listen.

Her husband took him to the Miami Seaquarium to experience, first hand, the lives of these wonderful animals.  His son also loves fast speed adrenaline rushes so they went on a speedboat tour of Miami and an air boat in the Everglades which is home to Miami’s alligator population.

Both of these trips were customized to their sons’ personalities, their dreams, and what experiences they would each return home with.  The parents also discovered that these trips were a great deal less expensive than elaborate birthday parties.

They had thought about throwing a birthday party with the theme of a country fair.  They’d have hayrides, concession stands, and even sack races.  When they added it up, it was going to be very expensive while a trip to their dream places would be less and give them something far more wonderful than a birthday party.