Why People Who Read Before Bed Sleep Better! ⋆

Why People Who Read Before Bed Sleep Better!

According to recent studies, if you turn in at night with a good book, you are receiving many great benefits vs those who never read before going to sleep.

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In one survey, 1,000 people participated in an experiment that included their bedtime routines and sleeping habits, focusing on whether they read in bed or not.

Those who read in bed range from doing so once a week or every night. 11% of the participants read once or twice a week while 12% read three or four times, 7% read five or six times, and 8% read every night before going to sleep. The average time spent reading is approximately 43 minutes.

Whether the participants only read a book a few times a month or every night, they all said it improved their sleep quality, allowed them to become more relaxed, and reduced their stress.

Almost three-quarters of bedtime readers said they have a much harder time going to sleep if they don’t read first and 96% said they would highly recommend reading before turning out the lights and going to sleep.

Studies have shown that 76% of people who read in bed have experienced being quite satisfied with the overall sleep quality vs 64% who never read at bedtime. These studies also revealed that people who read in bed gain an extra hour and a half of sleep than non-readers.

The Other Benefits Of Reading In Bed:

Studies have shown that people who read before turning in, make more money than those who do not. On average they are making $39,779 vs non-readers who are making $36,094. Studies also revealed that readers are 12% more likely to eat healthier foods and engage in healthy recreational activities.

read before bed

On top of that, 8% of these people keep up with regular checkups with their doctors and dentists.

When asked if they get the most out of their lives, readers came in at 79% while non-readers came in at 59%. When asked if they live their lives to the fullest – 70% of readers said yes vs 59% of non-readers who said yes.

That is not to say that people who choose not to read in bed have less fulfilled, unhappy lives because that’s just not the case. There are people who prefer to read a book first thing in the morning or enjoy reading the newspaper while sipping their coffee.

Another benefit of reading a book, it keeps your mind sharper allowing for a great increase in being able to focus during your day at work. Exercising your mind will help to rejuvenate your brain and will increase the longevity of your memory.

Whatever side of the aisle you are sitting on, in this day and age, many people have difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night. If you haven’t tried reading, you ought to at least give it a shot. It helps to calm down your mind and will help to induce sleepiness.

Find reading material that interests you, fiction or fact. Find an author you love reading, get ready for bed, then curl up with a great read, you might be really glad you have taken up the habit of reading in bed!