When Motherhood Changes the Woman You Love ⋆

When Motherhood Changes the Woman You Love

So, you want your wife back. The woman who you initially fell in love with long before your baby was born. Do you want to know something? Your wife wants her husband back too. But, there’s something that both of you need to know. Those people don’t exist anymore. You’re not the same person, and neither is your wife.

Having children changes people, and that’s a good thing. You may long for the care free days of yesterday, but they no longer exist. It’s entirely possible that you’ll experience the same sparks of energy that you had before, but it’ll only last for a few hours at the most.

Your wife is a different person due to her responsibilities

Parenthood changes both sexes, but it’s different for the mom. Your wife has different responsibilities than you have. You can’t wake up in the middle of the night and breastfeed your child.

Sure, you could pump milk out earlier and wake up and feed the baby. But, life has a way of making sure that small tasks end up never being fulfilled. Plus, sometimes a baby will only go back to bed in the arms of its mom while she’s feeding it.

These daily tasks are difficult, and they can drain a woman. The work she does behind the scenes that you never see is immense. It’s hard to believe that any woman would knowingly venture off into something as labor intensive as motherhood.

Enjoy this period of growth

The mistake you’re making is trying to relive the past. Instead of going that route, enjoy today for what it is. Look at the transformation of your wife into the mother that she’s becoming. It’s a beautiful thing to see, and you’ll end up loving her more because of it.

You’ll be so glad that you married her when she’s a good mother. You don’t want to go back to those times before your baby existed. This is the best time of your life. It only gets better from here.

Sure, life was more simple when it was just you and your wife. But, that’s not a reason to want to go back. Simplicity is rarely as fulfilling as we think it is. At the end of the day what you want more than anything is to live a rewarding life that makes you feel whole.

Life changes, but never goes back to normal

What is normal? Do you mean that place where you were always searching for happiness? Do you want to go back there? Pause for a minute and think of how happy you feel when you see your baby smile.

You don’t really want to go back to a time when that didn’t exist? No, you don’t. There is nothing that can make your life as it once was. Pretending like there’s something you can do is to achieve it is foolish. Instead, adapt and love today for all that it’s worth.

The woman she was doesn’t exist

That man you were doesn’t exist either. Neither one of you will ever be able to go back to those times. You can go out on dates and try to forget for a few moments you’re a parent, but it won’t work. You’ll always wonder how your child is doing. Should you call the babysitter and see how your baby is? You’ll both wonder the same thing.

Don’t try to relive the past. Enjoy today. Make the most out of this wonderful experience. Your baby won’t be a baby forever. It’s hard to believe it now, but you’ll miss these days just as much as you do the wife you once knew.