What To Watch At The 2018 Winter Olympics?

Hey! The ‘other’ Olympics are here. While many people only pay attention to the summer Olympics, the winter variety often brings to life a whole range of sports we only see when the winter weather allows. This year, the 2018 Winter Olympics has some pretty major sports for you to tune into. If this is your first year watching them, you might not be sure what to look out for.

Let’s give you a rough idea of what kind of fun you can expect if you tune into them this year.

Being held in Pyeongchang (South Korea), this Winter Olympics looks set to be among the best yet. Just 80 miles from the capital of Seoul, this is going to be an interesting location to hold it.

As the second games hosted by South Korea, and with the likely agreement between themselves and North Korea looking likely to be upheld, we could see a very moving and interesting Winter Olympics this time around. What are the main attractions from a sporting perspective, though?


Some of the main interests are the new kids on the block. The 2018 edition is going to introduce some new sub-sports, with the likes of Mixed Doubles Curling, Mass Start Speed Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Big Air Snowboarding and a few others will be arriving for the first time. Like most new sports, this is sure to be a very interesting watch for all manner of reasons.

The main sport categories are Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Curling, Hockey, Luge, Skating and Skiing. With 15 disciplines in each, the most popular tend to be the Bobsleigh and the Hockey. Of course, it depends what you enjoy watching most: Skiing and Skating disciplines often draw massive crowds, too.

The major event that we think is going to be worth watching, though, is the Bobsleigh events. They often tend to be the most unique and exciting and, given the fact it’s so unlike any other sport, often makes for a very fun watch.

If you are looking for something to pay attention to this year, then this might be a good place to start. Otherwise, there’s a bigger interest in the Curling sport this year as there’s the added madness of the Mixed Doubles (yup, we wrote ‘madness’ and ‘Curling’ in the same sentence).

Whatever happens this year, though, we’re sure that you’ll be able to enjoy a very fast-paced, exciting Olympic event. While many of the sports might not be in the mainstream, these are among the finest sports in the world and the level of skill needed to take part is often grossly underestimated. You should take a look into the Olympics this year, as it looks like it might be among the most enjoyable yet!





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