What's Up With Exotic Pets Only Seen In Dubai? ⋆

What’s Up With Exotic Pets Only Seen In Dubai?

If you’ve ever wanted an exotic pet, you should probably get to the UAE. Although exotic pets have been illegal since January 2017, they can be still seen around Dubai.
For many years wild cats have been domesticated in the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries. Some have been roaming the city streets with leashes, or in luxury cars.

As we said, it’s not just limited to the UAE. Also, in Qatar, several tigers and other exotic wild cats were spotted around the country. In Dubai especially, you can witness many outrageously luxurious gold plated cars, diamond-studded phones and much more.
The law, which was originally passed in 2015, has started to be enforced and owners could be jailed for six months and fined for up to $136,000. The law does not allow dealing and ownership of “all types of wild and domesticated but dangerous animals.”
An Arabic newspaper in Abu Dhabi added that if one uses a wild animal to “terrorize” or scare others would face jail or fines of up to $200,000. And that is if the other person was not injured. The amounts are a joke for these rich people.

Not only big cats

In Dubai, you can walk around the city and see many extravagant and outlandish items and products. People with money would always want to stick out from the crowd.
The love of exotic animals is not restricted to the citizens. In 2008 the Dubai Atlantis hotel had a whale shark in its lobby aquarium for display.

The whale shark, nicknamed Sammy, was in the lobby aquarium for almost two years before he was released back to sea following pressure from conservationists.
Hotel management said that they rescued it from shallow waters in the Gulf. But former employees told local news outlets that displaying a whale shark was part of the marketing plan of the hotel for long before Sammy was “saved”.

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