What's Up With Cats And Boxes? We Might Know ⋆

What’s Up With Cats And Boxes? We Might Know

While many people prefer the endless love and boundless energy of the dog, the cat makes a fine alternative family pet. Sleek and charming, the cat often provides us with something entirely different. It might not be quite so rambunctious and aggressive as a dog in how it shows its love, but a cat does so in its own way.

One thing we can say for sure that a cat loves more than dogs’ best friend, though, is a box. It’s always been a rather odd fascination to many.

Cats and boxes. A connection that has never made a huge deal of sense. However, there are some rather interesting factors that make it a little more plausible when probed a touched further. Some of the main reasons why you might find that a cat might love a box stems from their homeliness. To us, a box is cold, lifeless and dull.

To a cat? Boxes are a home. They provide ample shelter and warmth. It keeps the cold, hard ground away from them. Most importantly, it provides a sense of homeliness, of being. So, cats are often attracted to boxes as it allows them to curl up, hide away and get some well-deserved alone time. The cat is a creature that often is much warmer than a human anyway, so they can find the warmth of a box far more palpable than we ever could.

Even The Cool Need to Feel Safe

However, while the cat might always show that steely, care-free attitude on the exterior, it’s not always quite so true. For example, cats are known to need protection: to want to feel safe. Cats find boxes to offer them enough protection as to keep them feeling a bit safer about the world in general. Not only will this help the cat to feel a touch less stressed out, but it can provide them with an easy way to avoid danger in general.

Cats want to be left at peace, but if they have nowhere to rest then it’s a requirement to always be on edge. For this reason, cats find boxes useful; a place where they can just relax, get some relaxation and spot anything coming their way.

Setting the Trap

Otherwise, cats tend to love a box as it offers them a fine place to both take out their frustrations and set a trap. Scratching is easy to do within a box, with ample material all around them to scratch way for endless contentment.

More importantly, though, a cat can release itself as a more offensive force from the box. They can catch prey with relative ease out in the wild, or get the upper hand on a predator of some form. Instinctive to the last, cats can use boxes for both protection and for getting the upper hand in a fight they might have otherwise struggled with.

Cats, then, are animals of immense quality and intellect. They unlike us, can see the value in a box outside of storage. From a home to a base of attacking operations, the humble box provides our cats with so many positive uses. Now, the next time you see a cat fascinated by a box, you’ll know why.

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