What’s The Secret to Lasting Life? Hear From Those Who Live it

From a lamp granting us wishes, to golden fish and fountains in the mountains… as a species, we’ve looked into every possible way to keep ourselves eternally young. Nobody likes to face up to mortality; especially those who accomplish deeds of great significance. History is littered with people trying to mess with magic and the occult in a bid to make it easier for themselves to live for longer.

Of course, it’s not quite as easy as this – as many people will know. Mortality is something we have to accept, but, if you listen to the right people, you can get some great tips for lasting life.

Take this group of golden oldies; people who lived into their centenaries and beyond. They are people who know about what it takes to live through strife and challenge in this world. So, what are some of the tips they have given out in the past to try and elongate your own existence?

Just Do Your Thing

According to Pearl Cantrell, who lived until 105 on a diet of crispy bacon and hard work, the secret is simple: just do your thing! Don’t let anything get in the way of you being you, and achieving the things that you wish to achieve in life.

With the help of that simple advice, it’s quite simple: don’t let anything get in the way of doing the things that make you happy. Happiness is a very strong driver of ambition, so the happier you are the more you’ll get done: simple!

Have Your Time

Elizabeth Sullivan survived until she was 106, and lived on a diet of carbonated soda and baseball. It might not exactly be the healthiest way to live but, at 106, we’ll take her word for it that this can have a pretty good effect on your life!

She was the same as Pearl, though: just keep on living. Don’t let anything stop you from just living a happy life that is full of curiosity and excitement, while having those little things that you love most.

Drink ‘til You Make It!

The advice given out by Agnes Fenton, who passed on at 112, is to enjoy a few beers and some Scotch. She was a massive fan of beer and this fine spirit, and was someone who enjoyed a drink most nights. While most people would contest that, it’s hard to argue against the fact that she lived a long, full and happy life for the majority of her existence – perhaps the booze played a part in that!

The world is full of interesting advice from people with advice far beyond our own years and expertise. While you might not always agree, the advice usually has a similar theme to it: you be you, and live life to the way and standard that you feel happiest doing!

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