What's Your Dog Saying When He Puts His Paws On ⋆

What’s Your Dog Saying When He Puts His Paws On

If you are a dog owner and love spending time on walks, playing fetch, or just lounging around, you know how really blessed your four-legged friend truly is.  Your dog is there for you through thick and thin and is most happy when in your presence.


All the antics and playful acts only make your love for him even stronger.  You know, inside, the love you have for him is just as great as the love he has for you.

As a dog owner, I’m sure you have experienced his putting his paw on you, usually at the most inconvenient moment while taking care of other tasks such as cooking or cleaning.  What you might not know, he is trying to communicate with you so it might be a good idea to understand this action, you might be very pleasantly surprised!

If your dog puts his or her paw on you, it’s their way of saying”

“I Love You!”

We show our love in different ways of showing our affection such as a big hug or petting them.  If they put their paw on you while you are petting them, they are telling you they are sending the same affection back to you.


That said, there could be other reasons why they are putting their paw on you including feeling very insecure about something and needing a little more attention.  On the other hand, it could be a sign that’s it’s time for his food!  So, how do you know what message he or she is trying to send you?

When he starts pawing you, try and read his body language.  If he’s lying next to you on the couch and you are rubbing his belly, chances are his returning the love.  If your dog seems anxious, his ears are flat, or his tail is tucked down, he might be feeling insecure, looking for affection.

Keep in mind, if he paws you looking for food, do not oblige him.  He should never dictate his feeding time.  If you allow it, he could become quite obese which will lead to many health issues.

So, the next time your four-legged friend tells you he loves you by putting his paws on you, give him a sweet head scratch and say “I Love You Too!”