What Wonderful Invention Did A 9-Year-Old Just Create? ⋆

What Wonderful Invention Did A 9-Year-Old Just Create?

Kids sure do come up with the wildest and wackiest ideas. Many of the best ideas out there that you enjoy tend to come from the mind(s) of a child(ren) and for that reason many ideas that we think are great actually came from the very children we seek to protect.

However, one major invention came along in America thanks to the hard work of Andie Nugent. Smart-thinking Andie has become a major hit in the junior science world due to her ingenious mind. Thanks to all manner of applicants getting involved, highly contested national conventions are one of the best examples of scientific progress amongst communities.

Andie presented her solution there, and what a reception it got. Thanks to her tool, The Kazi, this tool allows for kids to easily use codes to help unlock other devices. Interestingly, though, it works as a locker as much as anything else.

You cannot, for example, access your device if you have no met a pre-requisite amount of active or outdoors time. In June 2017, she was the winner of the Technology and Wearables Award and immediately put herself on the path to progressive stardom.

Despite the fact she is so young, a bright, sharp and inventive mind is clearly blossoming here. Her high quality products matched up with the intensive nature of what the product looks to correct – adolescent physical activity without total dependence on technology – ensures that the children of the future can guarantee that they have the perfect range of options to pick from.

“When I grow up, I want to be a problem solver,” Andie began. “When I get older, I think the world will — instead of having an endless amount of problems, I think they’ll have an endless amount of possibilities.”

Thanks to the use of a droid at home, too, Andie has all the help that she needs to just have some fun and really engage with a fun and interactive community. She can learn more about building and programming, and also how to go about editing and modifying how a piece of hardware operates.

Fantastically, her attitude towards her success is so redeeming & positive:

“I think some people are scared to invent,” Andie explains. “What if they can’t do it? What if this is too hard?”

“It takes bravery to actually start tinkering with them and to actually come up with an idea that you know some people won’t like. I don’t think they realize that they can do anything that they set their mind to.”

With less than a quarter of the US STEM workforce being female despite 48% of the country being female, people like Andie are essential to creating a truly global enterprise that is open to all with the ambition to proceed and exceed in equal measure. If she can help to set the example to others who are serious about getting into robotics and development, then they absolutely should look to do so.