What Will Make You Smile Today? Let Twitter tell you ⋆

What Will Make You Smile Today? Let Twitter tell you

In a world often so laden with controversy and bad will, it’s easy to forget just how good parts of our world can be. If we spend all of our time looking at the negatives, though, we’ll forget about all the good stuff. Take, for example, the use of social media. Many see it as a source of negativity and sadness – but is it really? It does not have to be. Take the story of Rachel Griffin, a very talented author.

She put out a survey on Twitter in December, and wound up receiving a whopping 1,900 plus responses from people. All she asked was for people to tell her the things that the people who matter most to them do to make them smile. The answers should give you plenty of goodwill as we head into a period of love, reverence and togetherness!

Important call from Mr. Banana

One of the best stories we seen came from Sara, who proclaimed that she or her husband will, whenever they are about to peel a banana, hand it to their partner ad say “It’s for you.”

They do this all the time, no matter how busy the other one is. It’s comical, cute and shows you just how the simplest of things can be so funny and endear us to the people that we love most.

Saving the Snails

We raise our kids to be good people, and one twitter user – named only SoCalGal9170, said that her son will pick up any nail that he sees on the ground during rainy times. He will then put the little snail onto the grass, avoiding the little snail from being stepped on by anyone passing by. It really is the height of innocence and adorability!

Songs for cats

One user, named Alex, posted a story that she would often see her husband holding their cat and heading through the house dancing together. He’s even got a song for a cat, titled “All The Things That Lenny Can See” – and it’s absolutely adorable.

If you want to get a nice glimpse of what Twitter could bring us, this post is a fine example.

It’s these little stories that often help us see just how nice the world can be. If you always use social media and see the worst side of it, look for the replies to Rachel: it will leave you with a permanent smile plastered on your face.

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