You Could Have Had It All… If You Would Have Invested In Time

Bitcoin is a huge deal right now. It’s a virtual coin that hit the news many times, mainly because it broke all records and went over multiple expectations. However, a lot of people are distraught by the fact that they did know about the coin when it was inexpensive, yet they didn’t invest in it.

And for a very good reason. A few years ago, a bitcoin was very affordable, but the problem is that it was also quite volatile when it came to pricing. You could see the price go up today, the next day it would be half that and so on. Not too many people invested in Bitcoin at that time, at least not a huge amount of money.

The Bitcoin creator is said to have a million bitcoins, so if he used an exchange to bring his bitcoins to the market, he would be the wealthiest man in the world. Not bad, considering that this was an invention of his own.

But what could have been if you invested 250 dollars in bitcoin a few years ago?


As you may see from various price graphs, the Bitcoin value skyrocketed in 2017, but back in 2011, the Bitcoin value was around $0.38 per coin, so getting one was inexpensive. If you invested $250 in bitcoin at that price, you would have 658 bitcoins. Even at a value of around $15,300 per coin (the value that Bitcoin had on the 1st of January 2018), you would have almost $10 million.


Even if you invested later, let’s say 2013, when the Bitcoin price was $15 per coin. Investing $250 at that time would give you around $16-17 coins. At the current market value, this would still net you $250,000. Now say it with me… “250 thousand dollars for investing 250 dollars.

Why does this matter?

If anything, this goes to show that virtual coins do have a future. It’s hard to predict what virtual coin would be next when it comes to popularity. But there are some that do stand out of the crowd, with Ethereum being a good example. The Ethereum platform is all about bringing in front a platform for smart contracts, and the market price is around $300 per token. However, this was $100 or less last year, so even here the value is pretty high. If you start investing now, you will probably get a very good return on investment. That is, if the market continues to grow and the Ethereum value goes up.

But that’s the issue with these virtual coins. You never really know what will happen and whether they will bring in the type of return you expect. Granted, some of these do have a pretty good return, but others not so much. That’s why you have to take your time and study the market before you start investing. It’s certainly not a simple decision, but as you can see, sometimes risking does pay off. Whether you are willing to take that risk or not, that’s up to you.

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