What Happened to Elisabeth Hasselbeck? ⋆

What Happened to Elisabeth Hasselbeck?

For years, The View commentator Elisabeth Hasselbeck found herself in a lot of hot water with fellow commentators. From arguments with Rosie O’Donnell that saw her leave the show for an extended period of time, to back and forth spats with other colleagues from her days on Survivor, Hasselbeck has created her fair share of controversy over the years.

That being said, her rather surprising exit from public life in 2015 – following a fast exit from Fox & Friends – was one of the more surprising moves in recent years. While she was never a great fit on The View following her massive success on Survivor, seen by many as a Republic mouthpiece trying to create controversy on a liberal-minded show, she was always considered great entertainment.

Her main arguments in the past came over everything from the national anthem not being respected to out-there takes on birth control. Always seen as someone who could cause controversy without too much effort, her main issues started as far back as 2007. In 2007, she became embroiled in many back and forth spats with Rosie O’Donnell, where the pair simply never got on whatsoever.

They had totally different world views and backgrounds, and thus could never agree. While it created interesting TV and funny debates, it made it hard for people to warm to the controversial nature of Hasselbeck. In time, this began to cause a lot of issues for her that would, eventually, lead to major problems in her working life.

For example, in 2010, she got into a rough spot with comic Kathy Griffin. Having been infamous herself recently for her piece holding a fake head of Donald Trump, Griffin isn’t one for avoiding controversy. Her 2010 appearance with Hasselbeck, though, led to a major argument that seen both women exchanging abuse, glares and arguments all night long.

The event eventually descended into a bit of a farce, and it led to a bitter tirade between the two. It carried on for years, with Griffin regularly taking to slating Hasselbeck in her stand-up routine and Elisabeth having little time wasted to get involved with the story herself.

In 2013, though, she left The View abruptly and instead went to a homelier location in Fox & Friends. The TV show was far more up her alley politically, yet she still found herself regularly arguing back and forth with other members of the panel. Before an enforced absence thanks to a non-cancerous tumour that had to be removed, she left the show in 2015 citing a desire to spend more time with husband Tim and their three children.

te the mega-star she was during the success of Survivor and beyond, it appears that the day of the outrageous opinions and controversies of Elisabeth might be coming to an end.

If you wondered where she had gone to, though, you can feel safe in the knowledge that she’s merely just enjoying life away from the spotlight – nothing sinister.