What Does Xbox Smell Like? ⋆

What Does Xbox Smell Like?

Soon to be released in Australia and New Zealand, who would think there would be an incredible selection of body spray, deodorant and shower gel partnered by Microsoft?

Well, you will soon find this selection in your local grocery stores for all your basic toiletry needs.  Lynx, which is known as Axe in the U.S., has a fragrance that is expected to be a huge success.

You will enjoy the wonderful, clean scents from Xbox Lynx including green citrus, kaffir lime, and winter lemon along with herbal scents of mint and sage, and a touch of patchouli and clearwood. It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s wonderful!

First thing in the morning, take advantage of this wonderful shower gel, apply its very effective deodorant, and then lightly spritz on the body spray.  You will be ready to step outside and take on the world.  Its new design is sleek and trendy which will catch shoppers’ eyes.

Xbox Lynx Debut

will be available in June at grocery stores and pharmacies in Australia and New Zealand.  At this time, there is no word whether this product will become available in other market places around the world.

Creator Seamus Blackley posted on Twitter that he had no comment about his product but does not seem particularly happy with the outcome.  I’m not sure if anyone knows the reasoning behind this.

Here’s The Rub!  It seems Microsoft is expected to announce the next-generation of Xbox at the E3 2019 press conference and reveal more about Halo Infinite. Hmmm…