Make Your Marriage More Exciting! ⋆

Make Your Marriage More Exciting!

For anyone who has been married for even a short period of time, you might have concerns already. Things can quickly take a turn for the worse in a marriage, and you might find it hard to make time for one another.

Work and children can become the main priority without even meaning it. Before long, it can be months – years even – since you last did anything together. If that sounds like a problem that you would like to avoid going through, then you should look to make a ‘date weekend’. The same weekend, every year, you will go away together and escape everything.

If it’s always on the same date, then you should be able to give someone who will help out with things like work or kids a lot of notice about the help that you need. With the same days booked up every year, then, you know that this is the time that you get to feel like you have just met once again.

It’s nice to be able to get away – whether you are spontaneous and go somewhere new, or you stick to the same place, is entirely up to you. What you will find, though, is that it helps to remove a lot of stress and help you both remember the importance of making quality time for one another.

Routine is Good

It’s a major part of being in a relationship that can needlessly fall by the wayside. One good thing about having a routine place to visit, a place to stay and restaurant to visit, for example, is the removal of debate. No more arguing over where to go, what to see or when to eat. This makes it much easier to plan things out properly and to enjoy a lot of time together.

Don’t try and say things like “let’s go away this summer!” or anything like that. Set it in stone, months in advance. The only way to find time for yourselves in a busy marriage is to make sure that you cannot find an excuse.

If you just leave everything to be booked up a week or two before you go, you will often find an easy way not to go. Too much expense. Kids have a big week ahead at school. Work need you to some unexpected overtime.

Don’t let your marriage suffer because you cannot make time for each other, though. You need to make that little automated period of time where it is booked in a long time in advance so that only the most serious of circumstances could stop you from going. If you are beginning to feel the strain in marriage, then book something up a good few months in advance.

Whether it’s your go-to place or a new adventure to try out, booking it ahead of time means that you both have made a commitment to take a trip back in time and enjoy your lives as you did when you both first met.

How good does that sound?