What Baby Boomer Grandmas Want You To Know ⋆

What Baby Boomer Grandmas Want You To Know

The world has changed enormously since the 50s and 60s when looking at the roles women play in society.  Women are predominantly in the workforce but nothing is more obviously different than their role of mother.

In this day and age, women in western civilization can do and be just about anything they want to.  Women are choosing to marry or remain single, are more involved in politics than ever before, run their own businesses while juggling their personal and professional worlds at the same time.

As women, we want everything at our fingertips but it all comes with new challenges.  Along with a successful career, we all want to be a perfect parent raising our ever so talented, brilliant children.

We all want to offer our children everything they want and need but this only adds more responsibilities on our shoulders with added pressure and demands. So how can women deal and manage everything going on without feeling somewhat inadequate at times?  We often ask ourselves if we truly are happier than the generations before us.

It’s only natural for women to want more in their lives and not settle for the norm.  It’s not wanting anything that can be boring leading to a total lack of motivation.  On the other hand, trying to meet unrealistic demands and expectations can often lead to an even higher level of stress.

Feeling the Demands on 21st Century Women

As a grandmother, I fully understand my daughter’s struggles to be all she can be in this century.  So much more is expected of her and the pace is unbelievable. With the increased demand in the field of technology, the demands placed on women has become a 24/7 ordeal.

There was a time when women took on a job simply to get out of the house and help out with an added income.  Today, it’s almost mandatory for a family to have two paychecks coming in every month just to stay afloat.  Woman are now running around in circles to keep up with their careers, childcare, and social demands.

My best advice, don’t hesitate to ask your parents to help you out even though asking for help can seem difficult for many women to do.  It just doesn’t seem natural to ask others to help with many aspects of their lives, it’s just not in their DNA!

When comes to asking for helping out with their children, they feel inadequate and weak to even consider such a thing.  Outside of babysitting, most women feel they are imposing on their mothers during this stage of their lives and hesitate to even go down that road.

What many women seem to miss, grandmothers want to be involved, they want to play a significant role in their grandchildren’s lives but not quite sure how to go about saying so.

Many grandparents do not want to bring up the subject for fear of being seen as interfering. Understanding how busy and active families are today, grandmothers simply do not want to get in the way.

It seems many families never even broach upon the subject of grandparents and grandchildren having some valuable time together or how they might be able to help relieve some of the challenges that are facing parents.

What families might not know, grandparents are the perfect choice for helping out with childcare and are a great deal more flexible than hiring outside help.  Most grandparents are still driving and can help out enormously by transporting kids back and forth from school, sporting activities, and other events.

Grandparents really want to feel needed and have a purpose in their lives, you are not imposing on them.

Grandmothers know how to provide support and comfort because they did it for so many years as their daughters and sons grew up.  They want to help so don’t be hesitant to ask them to help.

Keep in mind, you do not have to do everything yourself, reach out to your parents they are more than willing to join in.  Accept their help when it’s offered, it will make your life so much easier to deal with.

Author of Camp Grandma – Next-Generation Grand-parenting – Beyond Babysitting 2019, Marianne Waggoner Day, went from a stay-at-home mom to the president of the world’s largest commercial retail real estate practice.

In this book, she offers so much about being a 21st-century grandmother and reveals how grandparents can enrich their relationships with their grandchildren.