Watch: Radio Station Steps Up for Caring Mother ⋆

Watch: Radio Station Steps Up for Caring Mother

Every mother (and father) just wants the best for their kids – it’s how parenthood works. No mother wants to see her children suffer, and will do everything they can to help them. However, for one mother Rebecca Polston, caring for her sick child was becoming too much. Requiring immense reserves of courage and mental strength, her son Rhylon, 2, needs regular kidney dialysis.

He’s needed it since month one and it takes ten hours per night – and Rebecca is there for her son throughout every moment. Until he can get a transplant, though, it means that Rebecca cannot work. She also needs to keep her car, as it means that she can get the little man to his treatment – and emergencies take place. A lot.

Sadly, her car was ruined by a hit-and-run driver last summer. No job and only liability insurance meant that, for the most part, Ms. Polston was in serious trouble. She was unable to get any money together for a new car, and her small family was in major trouble. However, thankfully, KLTY 94.9, a local radio station, heard of her plight.

The community at its best

She was treated to dinner at a Roanoke restaurant and thought that was awesome. After they finished their meal, they were taken out to the parking lot to find Bonnie Curry and the team at #SpeakLove. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a team of tremendous people who help out locals in need and doing quality community deeds.

They are the definition of stand-up people. They had with them a cheque for $1,000 to help them pay for new wheels, and a whole chunk of new toys for Rhylon to enjoy. However, even more awesome? INFINITY, a local car dealership, was involved too. George Grubbs, the owner of the local dealership, appeared with a set of keys and a brand new, bought and paid for car!

With at least one emergency visit since then, she’s been able to deal with his needs with so much ease. As you might imagine, all manner of support and good will has flowed through since the story was on the popular radio channel.

The story is one of those awesome ones that you just read and think the world isn’t such a bad place. When we normally see all manner of horrible things going on in our news, its’ awesome to see some charming, feel-good stories like this one emerge: it reminds you that humanity ain’t so bad most of the time.

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