Watch: Love Is Stronger Than Burnt House ⋆

Watch: Love Is Stronger Than Burnt House

A couple from California, whose house burned down as a result of the historical “campfire” in November 2018, did not allow the accident to demolish their sense of love.

The unfortunate “Camp Fire” of 2018 has been the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s state history to date and wrecked scores of human lives and vast pieces of property as well.

The Camp Fire burned more than 150 acres and destroyed nearly 15,000 homes. Most of them lived in affected areas are waiting to see what is left of their house. But it was a sweet experience for a couple, who found love among this big tragedy.

Lukkas Schnurr and Casie Oxley had met 10 months ago and started living together in a modest 1,100 square foot home. Like many others, that all changed very quickly one morning when the wildfire-ravaged their neighborhood. They soon found themselves running from the neighborhood that was once their house, escaping their home only moments after they realized it was on fire…

At that time Lucas Schnurr and Casie Oxley realized what was happening, they only had a few minutes to pack and leave the house. They were able to grab one of their dogs. Unable to find their second dog, they left water and food for it when it returned.

By the time, they did not realize they would never be returning to their house.
“This was very creepy. This was undeniably an experience I do not want to relive for sure,” Schnurr said. “It was the most creepy I have ever been seen in my life,” Schnurr said.

However they have not watched it with their own eyes, they found a picture of their house. It is finished. Only remnants of are remaining.

Seeking Closure

In the coming days, they shall have an opportunity to watch it firsthand. “I think we are going to go for closure,” Lukkas Schnurr said. “We want to see it and see if we can find some things to keep remembering.”

They have been through so much together, that was when Lukkas Schnurr decided it was time to tell his girlfriend just how much she means to him. So in this sweet video, 28-year-old Schnurr gets down on the knee and proposed Casie Oxley, sharing the post to Instagram he wrote,

Today I kept a special promise and asked my best friend to marry me. On that ominous day of November 8, I reached and prayed to god for the first time in a long time. I told him I had no place to ask for favors but that I knew Casie love and faith in him, I asked him to find the strength to make it back to me.

I promised him if she made it back in my arms that his job is complete and I will take care of her for the rest of my life.

Her ring is three stones for Past, Present, and Future. I asked her to marry me at the top step I waited to walk up every day to see her once more. Here is to another step in building our Future Together.

Congratulations to both, and many happier years together.