Watch: Lioness Wants Attention, Fails Miserably ⋆

Watch: Lioness Wants Attention, Fails Miserably

While animals and humans are naturally very different from one another, there’s always some similarities that stick out like a sore thumb. For example, when we want to get our partners attention, we often go to quite comical lengths to do so. While I might not have (yet) gone to the lengths of the lions below, I’ve certainly felt that same desire for attention that leads us to do things we’d probably later be quite embarrassed about!

The lioness in the video is obviously looking for a bit of love and attention. Maybe she hasn’t been told she looks good that day, who can tell?

Whatever the reason, she’s straight over to her partner, doing all that she can to get his attention and to make him look at her. After a while, the lioness gets a little fed up of being ignored. Circling around him like a gladiator pit, the big lion just seems to be totally contented in his own little world, enjoying his own personal bliss.

The lioness, though, has no time whatsoever for that – and she keeps trying to get in his way. It’s not happening, though, and he just pays attention to whatever it is he’s thinking about. Probably food, to be honest.

Anyway, the big cat decides to just throw herself right down in front of the big lion, hoping to finally get spotted. Hiding in plain sight, and all that. Anyway, the lion just spends its time kind of looking around, absolutely nonplussed about whatever game his partner is trying to play.

Eventually, she pushes things to the limit: climbing over his midriff to try and really get his attention. However, even that does not work – the ion just stays in his calm and serene position, entirely unaware of the aggravation that he is causing.

Getting a reaction

Eventually, the lioness decides to roll around in front of the lion, trying to see if he’s alright. Instead, he just decides to go away and move elsewhere. How rude, right?

While I’m not exactly someone who can read the thoughts of animals, it’s plain to see that one of the animals – the lioness – wants to party and have a good time. The lion is clearly in a moment of personal introspection and has no interest whatsoever in such tomfoolery at that moment in time.

It’s all quite interesting to watch, though. The relationship dynamics of animals is always something we’ll never truly understand, I’d wager, but videos like this let us see just how similar they can be to us when it comes to wanting a bit of peace and lasting quiet!

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