Watch As Grandfather Back-flips Into Swimming Pool

When we’re younger, we tend to see our parents as our heroes and invincible. But then we see the way that our parents look at our grandparents, and see them as the wisest people in the world. They are among the first seniors who you are likely to deal with, and they are also people who tend to leave a massive – mostly positive – mark on our lives.

However, as we get older, we stop seeing our parents in the same light we tend to as kids. What we start to see are their flaws, their weaknesses and their errors. That being said, we also start to see our grandparents age and that wisdom to turn into mild-mannered rants and, uh, opinions we’d rather pretend we never heard.

For one family, though, their grandfather, 79, appears to have maintained much of his zip and spring right up to the present day. Mr. McCoy can be seen in the video getting ready to undergo a backflip into the pool. Despite his age, I’m fairly certain he has better balance than me. I’m also 100% certain he’s a more agile swimmer than me.

I’m not sure who that says more about.

Anyway, he decides to go up when in the pool, standing on the hands of a few younger members of the McCoy clan. They keep him up there for a few seconds, let him steady himself, and then he goes for the most ambitious backflip I have ever seen a senior take on in my entire life. It’s so cool to see that his age has not held him back from being a 100% bad-ass!

He pulls it off with absolute aplomb – they get him into the air and in the middle of the air he pulls off a fantastic spin and lands back in the pool with the absolute minimum of fuss. I genuinely don’t know if I can do that at the moment…

His friends and family say that he is the “toughest guy they have ever met” and he is almost certainly that. It’s a fantastic little story and even though it’s just a bit of playful fun, there is a deeper message embedded away in this.

No matter what age you are or what people say that you are ‘too old’ for, you can pull off some pretty amazing feats right up to your last days!

Don’t believe me? Watch that backflip one more time!

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