Watch: Dogs Saved During Hurricane Florence ⋆

Watch: Dogs Saved During Hurricane Florence

It was all over the news and social media. The heroic volunteers were quick to rescue the dogs from imminent death. The flood waters had already risen so high, and the dogs were trapped in the locked cages outdoors. Their barks and cries caught the attention of volunteers who quickly went to the rescue.

We cannot entirely blame the owners, but there had been so many announcements warning residents to evacuate with their pets. We saw a long line of people last week on a queue to adopt abandoned pets. It seems many people didn’t hear the announcements. Or did they not care about the pets?

From the video footage, it is seen that the dogs could only stay out of the water by standing on their hind legs. If the volunteers had been a few minutes late, those dogs would have died. The property is located in North Carolina, in one of the most severely damaged neighborhoods.

Pets have such a low chance of survival during natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms. This is why it is important to make plans to accommodate them while making plans to evacuate before the floods rise.


Hurricane Florence has been a catastrophic event. The damage done has run into billions of dollars. There are so many scenes of the rising flood waters in many parts of North Carolina. Some people confirmed the waters rose so quickly that they hardly had time to evacuate. This rescue footage is one of the viral videos tagged with the hurricane Florence online. It had over one million views and thousands of comments.

It is a good thing the dogs were saved, and the whole event was recorded. It was such a relief to watch the dogs swim to safety. North Carolina has been most hit by the storm; the flood waters rose to about four feet in some areas while other parts closer to rivers witnessed floods that threatened to reach the upper floors leaving the ground floors completely submerged.

The authorities have announced that twelve people have died due to the hurricane in North Carolina. There have been so many heroic rescues of older adults. So many others were stranded by the rising waters, and we saw frantic efforts being made to rescue everyone. People in these areas have been recording and posting live videos on social media. There are so many videos on platforms such as Facebook, and the scenes are horrific.

Another heroic encounter, which was caught live on camera, was when a TV reporter abandoned her live report to help rescue a dog. During the report, Julie Wilson noticed a woman desperately trying to rescue her Rottweiler. She immediately joined in the rescue and got the dog to safety.

The woman named Tasha said it was not an option to leave the dog behind because it was her daughters’ therapy dog. The Rottweiler named Daisy had already been injured; the rescue had to be done carefully to prevent further injury. While it is commendable that there are so many video clips of people rescuing pets we cannot stop saying it could have been avoided.

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