Watch: Dog Patiently Waits For Toy. Adorable. ⋆

Watch: Dog Patiently Waits For Toy. Adorable.

There are definitely a few things we can learn from our pets. They are loyal to a fault, they can sense our feelings and give us some love whenever they feel that we might need it.

Basically, they are like our best friends, only a hundred times better. Every once in a while, we even see how some of our habits rub off on them, and it definitely makes us want to melt in a puddle of goo, it’s that cute!

Some might say that dogs are very easy to please, a little scratch behind the ears, a bit of a smooch and that’s it, they’d be happy for lifetimes to come. Even if it were that easy, there is nothing more rewarding than watching your pet canine happy time and time again.

This pupper’s extreme delight comes from playing with her favorite plush toys. Unfortunately, her babies had to take a thorough rinse in the washing machine and the poor lab had to wait for them to dry. Her owner calls for Abby to come to the washing room and she hands her the plushies one by one.

You can just see how attentive she is to each and every toy. She picks them up in her mouth and puts them all in one pile, almost as if she is counting them. Her wagging tail is a telltale sign that she is extremely happy to be reunited with them once again.

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