Watch: The Funny Story Of A Dog and A Screen Door ⋆

Watch: The Funny Story Of A Dog and A Screen Door

The dog is, of course, among our closest friends as humans. Yes, we’ve done just about everything we can to alienate every other species – even large swathes of our species. It’s quite impressive were it not so depressing. That aside, we find that dogs are still amongst our most loyal comrades in this bitter, brutal world.

The dog, then, is one creature we should do everything to aid: yet, even still, the dreaded screen door is beyond their loving minds.

Jenson Kendall captured the ages-old battle of the screen door versus the dog in the most wonderful fashion. Akela, a truly tremendous dog, is smart enough to do his business outdoors. However, every single time, he would come charging face-first into the door afterward. After realizing – kinda – that he was running into an invisible object of sorts he started to stop.

Watch the video below as the adorable dog learns to pause and stop, waiting for the door to be opened. Sadly, he’s not yet cottoned on that he does not have to do it when the door is already open. Watch as he just kind of stops for thin air, waiting for the door to be opened for him – despite already clearly being open.

Adorably, he even uses his nose to see if the door is there. Even then, he’s been bitten once before: he still waits for someone to “open” the door before he will come back inside. As you can imagine, a video so innocent and adorable racked up the shares in no time on the internet. Over 250,000 shares took place on Twitter alone, and before long he had an Instagram account over at @akelathegreat. Check it out!

He’s very quickly became a bit of a sensation on the internet. With that adorable coat and tremendous looking little eyes, though, it’s easy to see why you would fall in love with a dog like this. Throw in his outstanding little personality quirk, and it’s even easier again still!

Got any videos of your dog enjoying a similar quirk? Let us know!

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