Watch: Dog And Baby Play Fetch ⋆

Watch: Dog And Baby Play Fetch

Check it out as these two best friends take turns playing fetch. Hilariously adorable!

Watch these two best friends play with the ball, they really look very adorable while playing with the ball, it is curious to see how the baby and the dog take turns to look for the ball, this is something that can not be seen every day, so do not miss the opportunity to see it.

Babies and dogs generally get along, since both are full of energy and always want to play, but this time they look very cute and fun. This is so beautiful!

A baby and a dog try to play with the ball, at first the baby goes in search of the ball and the dog tries to grab it, but fails in the attempt and the baby manages to return the ball alone.

Then, the owner throws the ball again and the baby looks for it regardless of the dog’s turn, it seems that he has not understood that it is a turn-based game, but the dog manages to catch the ball first and return it.

Then the owner throws the ball again and the baby runs to look for it because it is his turn to do it and the dog understands perfectly, so he hopes it is his turn to play.

In the last attempt, the owner throws the ball and both run to look for it, but the dog manages to catch it first and gives it to its owner, but the baby gets angry and does not want to continue playing with the ball, so he tries to play with his toy. Baby, do not get mad, you should hope it’s your turn to play!

Playful Pets

Currently, it is very common to find pets in the homes of many families, especially dogs are more frequent, as they are often very playful and get along very well with the children of the house and can even provide protection.

Some people say that it is very easy to make a dog and a baby create a bond of stable friendship, the truth is that both will always be full of energy and eager to learn new things, which facilitate interaction and the way they play together.

All babies should have the right to have a pet because they can learn things from them and have fun while doing so, and they can generate antibodies that help babies grow healthier.

It is proven that babies grow healthy if they have a pet next to them, as they tend to be much healthier and less likely to get diseases. It is said that the dog is the best friend of man, maybe they are right in that because if they get along with babies they can fit in any home and be the best friend of any person.

It is good to keep in mind that there are families that have a lot of respect for dogs and allow them to be part of the house, especially when these families allow dogs to play with their children since that makes them very happy.

It is also important to allow babies to play with dogs, as this will allow them to exercise and have a trusted friend. As seen in the video, a dog and a baby can be happy playing together, but they must learn to respect their game turns. An example to follow!