Watch: Dad Saves The Day. Caution: Happy Tears Maker ⋆

Watch: Dad Saves The Day. Caution: Happy Tears Maker

This dad deserves a medal. Oh, and you won’t be able to keep your eyes dry after this.

A few days ago the Washington Post interviewed an inspiring dad who saved the day, his daughter’s happiness and her class dance in one go!
Marc Daniels (aka ‘Daderina’) is a lawyer in Bermuda. He has three daughters with his wife Kim.
What happened is that little Giada (4) and sister Bella (2.5) were up for a dance, but the wait was too long so Bella went into a tantrum and wanted dad, despite the fact that mom was backstage with her for the past hour.

Kim said: “My husband was holding our youngest daughter, Suri. I was able to tend to the older girls backstage, but it was a long wait. That’s why the tantrum started,” Kim said. “Bella started marching on stage, so I thought she wanted to go for it. But she demanded Daddy. I thought, ‘Wait! Mommy has been here for an hour!'”

Dad: “I went with the goal of trying to soothe and encourage her,” he said. “I did not want to pull her offstage away from her sister and single her out from the other girls and boy.”
So Marc decided to join her on stage and guide her through the steps. As seen in the video – it helped. Bella eased her tantrum and followed suit.