Watch: Ewan McGregor’s Daughter Is All Grown UP. NSWF

To some seems only a few years ago that Ewan McGregor was deflecting laser blasts as Obi-Wan Kenobi, but… it has been some time. So much time, in fact, that the little girl who used to accompany him to so many major events has now grown up herself. That’s right; McGregor’ daughter, Clara, is now 22 years-old.

And it would appear that she’s got her old man’ propensity for celebrity stardom, after posing in Playboy recently.


Now in her 20s, the Trainspotting star’ daughter has quickly become a celebrity in her own right. In her piece with Playboy, accompanied with some tremendous shots, McGregor spoke of her own readiness to be at one with the lens, saying: “All throughout high school, I really turned my back on acting,

“I said I was going to be a photographer, I’m going to be behind the lens. At 12 years old, I moved to L.A., which is all Hollywood, and all I was asked is, ‘Are you going to do what your dad does?’ I was rebelling. I was like, ‘No! I’m not going to do what he does! I’m going to be behind the camera.’

However, like most rebellious teens, Clara grew out of that desire to avoid following in her fathers’ footsteps. Instead, she decided to take things to a whole new level of class, saying: “I got to college and asked myself, ‘Why are you being so stubborn about this?’ I wasn’t happy in the photo department, so I transferred to the film studies department, and then I took an acting class and fell in love with it.”

Best of all, she’s proud of her achievement due to the fact that it’s all her work, nobody else’s. While other celebrity kids might tape into their parents’ celebrity a bit on their own, Clara has gone the other way, building up her own career.

“I think I have a lot of work to put into it,” she declared.

“[and] it’s not just going to happen for me because my dad is good at something. It helps that I was exposed to really great movies as a kid, and seeing my dad love his job. All of that contributed to me loving film, but it definitely didn’t just hand me a skill. I try to watch as many movies as I can.”

It’s going to be very interesting to see where this precocious young star’ career takes her. With such a steely attitude and a desire to make her own path in life, though, we’re sure that she’ll do just fine!

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