Watch: Californian Town Chooses Max the Dog for Mayor ⋆

Watch: Californian Town Chooses Max the Dog for Mayor

The role of town mayor is, without doubt, a major achievement for those who receive it. It’s the kind of political role that might not seem like much to those from the outside. However, it’s an accolade that directly puts you responsible for making where you live a better place. It’s a big role!

Some towns, though, might not take it too seriously. For example, the wonderful little Californian town of Idyllwild is a location that treats the position of mayor with a touch of charm. They put in charge of the town a little Golden Retriever named Max. He was first put in charge in 2012, and has been very much a part of the town lore and comic appeal for some time.

While the town is not available to vote in standard municipal elections, they do have their own mayoral election. Max is all about helping to promote the booming mountain community, and to help those taking part in community events make it even better. He’s also regularly taking part in official visits, when his busy little schedule allows, and he also speaks for the animal community at large.

From that, he also needs to make ample amounts of time in the day to be scratched, patted and rubbed by his adoring community. Those citizens who do right by Mayor Max will enjoy a friendly lick from our most beloved dog.

Deputy Dog, by your side

Of course, he isn’t crazy enough to try and take on the major role of being a mayor all by himself. No, he has brought in alongside him a pair of dogs Mikey and Mitzi, to help run things and keep the town running as best they can. alongside Phyllis Mueller, they help to keep Idyllwild running beautifully and everyone in the cheeriest of moods.

According to Mueller, the Chief of Staff – an actual human! – sad to ABC: ‘His role is to make the world a better place by conveying unconditional love and doing as many good deeds for others,’

To be honest, we think it’s quite funny that a dog is probably a better mayor than most humans given that remit. He’s got the charm of your standard successful politician, but he’s also got the soul for it. Most politicians are quickly accused of being corrupt and the like shortly into their tenure; the bold Max isn’t going to be taking part in any grubby deeds!

If you ever find yourself in this part of the world, be sure to go and pay homage to the finest mayor the world has ever seen.

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