Watch: Border Collie Sees Itself on TV ⋆

Watch: Border Collie Sees Itself on TV

Pets are, without doubt, one of the easiest ways to shine a brighter light on the world we live in. It’s so easy to get caught up in the badness and negativity around us, and pets make it easy to snap back to reality.

It’s not just knowing when we are sad or upset; it’s being able to come in and just cuddle up to you when you are watching something scary; it’s being there to care for you when you’ve been injured; it’s running around with the kids, giving them eternal hours of fun and love without wanting anything in return.

Pets are awesome, but the Border Collie is probably one of the most delightful forms of dog around. This amazing little Collie, though, is a regular star: it spends a lot of times winning various Championships, and appearing on TV. When it noticed itself on national TV winning something, though, it’s reaction was one of pure bliss!

Kirk, who is owned by Channan Fosty, is a regular participant in dog competitions. Known for outstanding agility and dexterity, she often takes part in some truly special experiences as time goes on. A double winner at the Steeplechase Finals and the USDAA Nationals Grand Prix, he’s a winner as well as a champion.

However, his most recent win, the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Challenge, is a big one to win. It was recorded live on TV, and Channan and her pup were able to watch it back in all of its glory. When Kirk managed to spot herself doing his thing, he went BERSERK!

Take a look at the video – which has brought in over 2-million views already – and see for yourself why everyone is so fond of Kirk. You’ll be happy to know that this happy little champion is still taking part in various different events with the UKI West Coast Biathlon Agility Cup being the most recent tournament that she went to and done well at.

What a dog – if you were ever to get a dog at home, you would want it to be someone who carries the smarts and the style of this dog, right?

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