Watch: Blind Girl Does an Amazing Whitney Houston ⋆

Watch: Blind Girl Does an Amazing Whitney Houston

As one of the most revered and talented actresses of her era, Whitney Houston left an indelible mark on the world of music. Many of her songs were lasting hits, passing down to the next generation from parents and grandparents. Indeed, she was still flying high in the 90s, releasing some tremendous bangers, such as I Will Always Love You.

The 1992 classic was very much among her top tunes, but you’ll no doubt have heard many a drunken mother butcher it on the steps of a pub or dance hall across the years.

Should you wish to hear someone finally do the song some proper justice, look no further than Elsie. The Filipino is blind, but that does not stop her managing to make the most of the immense vocal array she can carry off.

Watch the video below for a wonderful rendition of a Whitney classic from who is very much one of the most talented girls we’ve come across on social media.

The voice Of An Angel

Even more impressively than her amazing vocal capacity is that Elsie cannot even speak English. However, she’s a dab hand at mastering the lyrics of a song in English, and can turn it into a spine-tingling take on a classic. It’s amazing, especially when you factor in that she has never gone to school; she merely learns the song by listening, and then takes it on and transforms it with her angelic voice.

Based in a small fishing village out in the Philippines, she’s already managed to gather some huge attention through social media for her amazing talent. The comments underneath her video are well worth the time for you to read – from people saying that they’ve finally found someone who can ‘do Whitney like Whitney’ to people saying it brought them to tears.

It’s pretty special, though, isn’t it?

For young Elsie, we just hope that this is the start of a burgeoning musical career. She’s clearly got the talent, and now she has the exposure with the internet going absolutely wild for her amazing talents.

With a touch of encouragement and a public who already wildly approves of her talents, there’s nothing to say that Elsie could not become a major musical star in her own right. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be covering a young girl covering an absolute banger written by Elsie?

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