Watch: Adorable Babies Make Each Other Laugh ⋆

Watch: Adorable Babies Make Each Other Laugh

Don’t you ever wonder what goes on inside a baby’s mind? Are they maybe thinking about taking over the world, or just thinking about the stinky diaper you’re going to have to change in a few minutes? Either way, this doesn’t bode well for you.

If you thought that one stinky diaper is bad, this enigmatic duo will prove you wrong. So young and adorable, but yet double the trouble, the diaper duty for twins is nothing short of a dreaded experience.

Luckily, these twin tots won’t give you the stink attack, but they will sure make your day! Their giggling is the remedy to all of your worries. If that doesn’t help, just look at the laugh lines around their eyes and the way they turn red from the exertion, and, voila – a mood booster par excellence.

These 10-month old siblings will have you laughing with them in no time! Who cares if they’re taking over the world? Would anyone seriously mind a joyful new world at the helm of these two? Probably not. So go ahead, laugh along. It doesn’t matter if you are alone on the street and people look at you like you have a few screws loose. It’s worth it!

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