Watch: 72-year-old Grandfather Tapping Away ⋆

Watch: 72-year-old Grandfather Tapping Away

When we get into our golden years, we often begin to ease up on the activities that we do. From going out less with friends to spending more time in the house than doing work, we get to enjoy all of those years of hard work and toil. However, some people don’t want to stop being active and busy; they fear that if they are not doing something every day then they might just fail and fade away.

Well, if you worry about that, take the example of Bill Jones, 72. Bill is as fit as a fiddle, and can literally produce more athletic moves than I can in my ‘physical peak’ – he’s doing cartwheels in his 70s!

It’s truly impressive, and Bill, from Massachusetts, uses his skills as a professional dancer to keep on jiving along. People would come along to see him and his mates, known as The Four Flashers, to do some tap-dancing and to take on all manner of flips, somersaults and other skills. Still going strong, Bill recently performed alongside his 10-year-old granddaughter, Maeve, for her schools dance event.

Asked by his granddaughter to take part, the delighted Bill said that he was “very proud” to take part. His daughter, and Maeve’s mother, put up a video of it online and, sure enough, it became a massive internet hit in a short period of time.

A big name, still going strong

Indeed, Jones performed alongside major names such as the Lennon Sisters and Barbra Streisand back in the day; he was a bit of a name, in fact. He also performed alongside his daughter back when, so it makes sense to carry on the tradition. However, he shocked even his own family, with Maeve saying that she was “really surprised” that he could still pull off a cartwheel.

He acknowledged this, though, saying: “I’m 72, the only trick I have left is the cartwheel,” in his usual jovial fashion. More importantly, though, it was nice to hear his young granddaughter acknowledge the toughness of the skills involved, saying: “Tap is really challenging, but that’s what makes it fun. You really have to listen to the music.”

A keen dancer herself, she’s already learning all of the moves and has been doing so since the age of six. It took her until she was eight or so to really get the hang of it. With Maeve desperate to set up another act alongside her grandpa, we might just see him pulling off another cartwheel in the near future!

All power to him: what a feat, to still be able to move with such control and consistency at his age. A truly impressive feat indeed.

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