Watch: A 4-year-old's Adorable Performance ⋆

Watch: A 4-year-old’s Adorable Performance

We all know how hard it is to contain our excitement whenever we hear our favorite song come on. Can you imagine what it must be like for a kid?

When Michelle Neshin’s daughter, Sophia, took the stage with her kindergarten friends, she was over excited to sing along to the sound of “How Far I’ll Go”, from the hit movie “Moana”. All kids were nicely lined up on stage, and when the song came on, Sophia was ecstatic, and it shows.

She lip-synced the whole song with so much passion it melted us. She completely outshined the rest of her classmates. It was a performance grand enough for any TV talent-show out there. She nailed the lip-syncing like a boss.

Mom Michelle said her future Grammy Award Winner didn’t quite understand all the attention she received, but the chocolate cake she got after the show was “the best thing ever”.