Warning: Fake Instagram Photo in Bali Using Mirrors ⋆

Warning: Fake Instagram Photo in Bali Using Mirrors

Thousands of people visit Lampuyang Temple in Bali every year after viewing Instagram photos that ended out being fake.  People flocked to the temple in hopes of posing at the Gates of Heaven with their own reflections cast in the water in front of the temple.

Well, visitors were shocked to discover that not only was there no water in front of the temple but the entire set of photos were faked!  The photos were created using a mirror in just the right position beneath the lens creating the appearance of water.

For visitors to the temple, this revelation has sadly disappointed those who went out of their way traveling around 2 hours to get to the site.  Polina Marinova, an editor at Fortune magazine expressed her disappointment in a tweet.

She said that her hopes and dreams were shattered when she discovered that a piece of glass under an iPhone was used to create the water in front of the Gates of Heaven.  Her comment caught the attention of dozens of readers who said they also traveled there to find out everything was a complete sham!

Adding to that, visitors had to stand in line for 2 or 3 hours to get a picture only to find out there is no water!

The Real Gate

Earlier this year, Antarik Anwesan traveled 2 hours on a scooter from Ubud to the temple that sits on the east of the island. He joined other visitors waiting to get photographed in a traditional Balinese outfit.

After waiting 2 hours, he got his photograph taken by a local who was sitting in front of the Gates of Heaven with a mirror perfectly in place!  Like many other visitors, he was quite impressed with the result thinking that the reflection was captured after it rained.

The truth of the matter – locals have been staging photographs for quite some time now, giving visitors fake photographs using mirrors.

It seems this is not the only fake photo taken at popular attraction spots.  Another photo has traveled across the internet showing a photo taken at a  Moroccan attraction of goats in trees eating berries!

There are many popular attraction sites everywhere that are nothing more than fiction including a balcony in Verona claiming to be the same balcony used by Shakespeare in his play Romeo and Juliet.  The problem is, he never visited Verona!

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