Moments You'll Find At Walmart ⋆

Moments You’ll Find At Walmart

Selling products at a huge volume for low prices is a good idea for some. And those some will make your day! We found some hilarious moments that occurred at Walmart. You’ll be amazed!

Monkey Time

How often do you see a monkey out of a zoo? In Walmart, apparently, often! Just look at this adorable furry thing cradles up to his owner’s chest!

Maybe she has empty nest syndrome or maybe she has monkey fever, Let’s just hope this little guy is toilet trained!

Burning Up

Let’s hope this girl is heading straight for the Aloe Vera section and buys a couple hundred suntan lotion creams on her way!

A perfect example of a woman who took her tan WAY too far. Does she know how bad the sun is for the skin? It almost looks as though she is wearing a red undershirt! We bet her friend has a huge ‘I told you so’  smirk plastered on her face.

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