The Viral Post That Stay At Home Mothers Will Appreciate

We all are aware that being a stay-at-home mother is never the easiest, to say the least. Even more so, it has got to be the most underestimated job there is, especially when it comes to those who have never had to do it before. Imagine having one to five children, and having to maintain every aspect of their lives just to ensure that they have food on their table, A’s on their papers, cleansed skin at night time, and other tools for their success. These tasks usually go overlooked, and one mother got sick of being asked the same question, “but what do you do all day?”, that she decided to speak out.

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Floridian tattoo artist, Ryshell Castleberry, had become exhausted from hearing the same question over and over again. She had then took to her Facebook page and posted a conversation between a married man and his psychologist. The married man is talking about his wife’s “working life”, complaining about how she only provides food and comfort for the family because she has no job. The point of the post was to show irony about how each home job is actually a job in its own. Ryshell’s purpose was to share a frustration and bring awareness, but the post did so much more as it garnered more than half a million likes on Facebook.

It is quite obvious that this post was meant to be a generalization, given that many working moms and dads have different jobs and schedules. This was merely one mother venting her frustration for those who can relate, and the lesson that could be learned is this. If you are a stay at home mother, and you feel underappreciated, realize that your work is just as important as a fire-fighter’s, or any other kind of job. If you are a parent juggling everything at once, remember your work is just as important and does not go unnoticed whatsoever. Overall, every effort to ensure your child’s success is the most important effort there is.


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